Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So, I took a hiatus.

It's been awhile.. 

I kind of took a blogging break with all the stuff that has come up in the last few months.   Doesn't mean I stopped reading all together.  As a matter of fact I read a bunch of books. Mostly those that had to do with linguistics.   

Sometimes reading one type of genre numbs my brain. It doesn't matter if I have 50 thousand favorite books in that genre if its all I read I tend to hit a slump where I don't feel like picking up a book.  Blasphemy! right? Never to pick up a book and experience and learn new things. It happens. At least to me.  So as I said above I have read a lot of books once I got out of my reading slump and I will be sharing my reviews for them soon. 

Lets kick off my return with a book called Wordcrimes: Solving Crime Through Forensic Linguistics by John Olsson

Wordcrime: Solving Crime Through Forensic Linguistics

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Tell kids not to worry. sorting my life out. be in touch to get some things. Instead of being a simple sms message, this text turned out to be crucial and chilling evidence in convicting the deceptive killer of a mother of two. Sent from her phone, after her death, tell tale signs announce themselves to a forensic linguist. Rarely is a crime committed without there being some evidence in the form of language. Wordcrime features a series of chapters where gripping cases are described - involving murder, sexual assault, hate mail, suspicious death, code deciphering, arson and even genocide. Olsson describes the evidence he gave in each one. In approachable and clear prose, he details how forensic linguistics helps the law beat the criminals. This is fascinating reading for anyone interested in true crime, in modern, cutting-edge criminology and also where the study of language meets the law.

My Review:
4/5 Stars

I've been getting more and more into linguistics these days and when I found out that there was such a thing as forensic linguists I had to check out a book that discussed this.

This book has no action or romance but it does have an amazing amount of intrigue in which you read about how someone could use the way people write to determine many factors about them. I'm not talking like handwriting analysis type stuff but more like how all our writting wether it be texting, email, or hand written letters have bits of us in them. How we misspell words or what abbreviations we may use. All this can help tie things together and point fingers towards those who have done crimes and left notes.

Yes, at times it was "dry" I guess you could say. But it was able to hold my interest and amaze me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes linguistics or even if you just like learning about different types of crimes and how they could come to be solved.

A great nonfiction book, bit boring if you don't have an interest in this type of stuff otherwise very informational and intriguing.