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Hades: Lord of the Dead (Olympians #4) George O’Connor

Hades: Lord of the Dead

Olympians #4

George O’Connor

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Volume 4 of the highly acclaimed Olympians series!

Hades: Lord of the Dead tells the story of the great God of the Underworld and one of the most famous of all Greek myths: Hades’ abduction of Persephone and her mother’s revenge. Be prepared to see a new side of Persephone in this dynamic adaptation of the story of the creation of the seasons. In Olympians, O’Connor draws from primary documents to reconstruct and retell classic Greek myths. But these stories aren’t sedate, scholarly works. They’re action-packed, fast-paced, high-drama adventures with monsters, romance, and not a few huge explosions. O’Connor’s vibrant, kinetic art brings ancient tales to undeniable life in a perfect fusion of super-hero aesthetics and ancient Greek mythology

My Review

5/5 Stars

I’m pretty sure I’m going to say this for most of these but this one is my favorite!

I am enjoying reading these and discussing the G(r)eek notes in the back with my son. Its has been a fun bonding experience. Of course we can not agree on our favorites. I loved this retelling the most so far compared to the others. He said his favorite is still Athena.

On the artwork I’m a fan as I am with the others.

Hades has always been one of my top three favorite Greek Gods and I’ve always loved the story of Persephone and her abduction and why we have the seasons.

In the beginning we get introduced to the underworld as told from what happens after you die. The author goes through all the steps and into the different sections and who you would encounter. Then we get to the brooding formidable Lord of the Underworld himself and then start the story of the abduction of Persephone. Kore and Demeter have a fight and Kore is abducted by Hades. We see Demeter go through her days of heartbreak and search for Kore ( Which when she comes upon Zeus I love what Hera says). We also get to see how Hades tries to woo Kore and Kores transformation to Persephone. And just when Hades thought he had her falling for him and convinced to be the Queen of the underworld Hermes comes in and takes her back to Demeter and leaves Hades wondering if she is coming back to him.

I find this series to be a fun read with action and great stories that I can enjoy and discuss with my son. I love the facts and questions at the end and again the G(r) eek notes have been wonderful to read so we can see why the author retold it the way he did.

I think anyone who enjoys Greek myths would enjoy these. Young and old.

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Hades (Demonica #11.5) by Larissa Ione (Review and Excerpt Tour! )

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We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Review & Excerpt Tour for Larissa Ione's HADES! HADES is a novella in Larissa's Demonica Series as part of the 1001 Dark Nights Collection and is exclusively available as Amazon Kindle and Paperback. Grab the latest installment in this sexy series!

  Hades -cover

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  HADES - teaser   

  About HADES: A fallen angel with a mean streak and a mohawk, Hades has spent thousands of years serving as Jailor of the Underworld. The souls he guards are as evil as they come, but few dare to cross him. All of that changes when a sexy fallen angel infiltrates his prison and unintentionally starts a riot. It’s easy enough to quell an uprising, but for the first time, Hades is torn between delivering justice — or bestowing mercy — on the beautiful female who could be his salvation…or his undoing. Thanks to her unwitting participation in another angel’s plot to start Armageddon, Cataclysm was kicked out of Heaven and is now a fallen angel in service of Hades’s boss, Azagoth. All she wants is to redeem herself and get back where she belongs. But when she gets trapped in Hades’s prison domain with only the cocky but irresistible Hades to help her, Cat finds that where she belongs might be in the place she least expected… 


The thought of living one more day the way he’d lived the last five thousand years made him want to throw up as he prowled the length of his crypt until he swore the soles of his boots cried out for mercy.

Azagoth had left him hours ago with all kinds of assurances that Cat wouldn’t be harshly punished for what she’d done. But Azagoth’s idea of “harsh” was a lot different from Hades’s. Well, not usually, but for Cat, definitely.

Hades just hoped Azagoth hadn’t suspected that anything had gone on between them. Technically, Hades hadn’t gone against Azagoth’s orders, but the Grim Reaper wasn’t a fan of technicalities. And if he did anything to punish Cat for what Hades had done, Hades would fight that bastard until he was too dead to fix.

Snarling, Hades threw his fist into the wall. Never, not in his entire life, had he felt this way about a female. Hell, he hadn’t felt this way about anything. Oh, he’d always been passionate about meting out justice, but this was a different kind of passion. This was an all-consuming desire to be with someone. To be something better for that someone.

He hadn’t known Cat for long, but in their brief time together, he’d shared things he’d always kept private. He’d given comfort and had been comforted. He’d wanted, and he’d been wanted back.

She wants to go back to Heaven, idiot.

Yeah, then there was that. The chances of going back were extremely slim, given that in all of angelic existence, only a handful of fallen angels had been offered the opportunity. But just the fact that she wanted to go was troubling. 

Oh, he understood. Who would choose to live in the grim darkness of the underworld when they could flit around in light and luxury? But dammit, Cat was wanted down here. Could he make her see that?

Closing his eyes, he braced his forehead on the cool stone wall he’d just punched. Pain wracked him and not just because he’d broken bones in his hand and they were knitting together with agonizing speed. That pain was nothing compared to the ache in his heart.

He needed to be with Cat, but how? He supposed he could try reasoning with Azagoth. Sometimes the guy wasn’t completely unbending. Especially now that he had Lilliana. She’d leveled him out, had given him a new perspective on life and relationships.

But would it be enough?

Because one thing was certain. If Hades couldn’t have Cat in his life, then Azagoth had saved it for nothing.

   Larissa IoneAbout Larissa Ione: Larissa Ione is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. An Air Force veteran, she traded in a career as a meteorologist to pursue her passion of writing. She now spends her days in pajamas with her computer, strong coffee, and supernatural worlds. She believes in celebrating everything, and would never be caught without a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge…just in case. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her U.S. Coast Guard husband, her teenage son, a rescue cat named Vegas, and her very own hellhound, a King Shepherd named Hexe.      

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My Review

I got this copy in exchange for my honest review

Seeing as how Demonica and Lords of Deliverance or both in the top 10 of my favorite paranormal romance series it might come as no surprise I loved this book.

Hades had his morbid twisted humor that I enjoy. I love how he is the Jailor of the Underworld but he still has a sense of humor and seems to see the beauty of things especially after seeing so much that is ugly and having to deal out some nasty punishments. 

Cat was a wonderful albeit rather clumsy character. She had a great demeanor and took her punishment in strides as she tries to redeem herself and get back her wings. She seems to concentrate so hard on getting back to heaven where she feels she belongs she is missing the fact that she is making friends and a nice niche where she is stationed being house cleaner for Azagoth and Lilliana. I love the fact that she didn’t hold back her curiosity and that her curiosity and her wanting to right what she accidentally did is what got her in her predicament that led her to becoming entombed with the cocky and wonderful Hades. 

Of course the humor and the back and forth banter was some of my favorite parts. Most of the book I found funny. I love Hades sense of humor and I like how Cat could still surprise him. The action was wonderful and it being a novella everything was fast and furious but it packed a great punch. 

I think the author does a wonderful job describing all the different setting and characters that it makes everything extremely easy to imagine. Everything from the different tiers, the houses, Hades “hut” to the clothes and the hellhounds breath. 

Action, humor, steamy romance, and of course great characters and a great story.

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Never Never ( Never Never #1) by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Never Never
Never Never #1
Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. 

Complete strangers since this morning. 

He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.

My review
4/4 Stars

What a WTF book. They can not remember who the are but the can remember basic information like the year and other random things. 

It was such a tough book for me to put down because through out the whole thing I was learning about these characters as they were learning about themselves and I was trying so hard to figure out what possibly could have happened. By the end I was left with a total WTF is going on and I have to figure out this mystery! 

Charlie, Shoot even Charlie doesn’t like Charlie. She’s kind of angry and a mean downer but for some reason Silas seems to pull the good out of her here and there and the “new” Charlie seems to be trying to maker herself a better person. 

Silas is of course amazingly sweet and easy to like but he has a temper and I wonder what uglyness lurks in his memories, if he ever regains them. 

I enjoyed reading how these two find out how their past coincides and how they falling for each other again kind of seize the moment to right the wrongs they think they made in their past all the while trying to figure out who they are individually. 

I found this book to be fun, entertaining, humorous, and mysterious thriller with twists and a cliffhanger ending. I’m excited to read the next novella and continue to try and piece clues together and figure out what the hell is going on.

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Devil in the Details (Days of the New 4) by Meg Collett

Devil in the Details
Days of the New 4
by Meg Collett

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Set in the same world as Meg Collett’s bestselling End of Days series comes the darkly comedic paranormal serial spin-off series, Days of New.

“Clark was human, Nephil, Descendant. He was good and bad. He was the dirty magic of evil angels. He was still the pink-haired kid who had fallen into a cave and found a broken angel. He was a reaper and a savior. A lost boy who just wanted his friends to stop dying.”

Peace can be as deadly as war, and someone won’t survive.

My Review:
5/5 Stars

This to me is the best book so far in the Days of the New series. Clark is still trying to help Cami but she doesn’t seem to want his help. Its rather heartbreaking to see how much Clark loves her and the fact he wants to heal her but for some reason she won’t let him.

We get more of Zarachiel in this and what happens between him and Grace. Towards something major happens and we get a return of some characters from the past.

Again I loved this installment although I’m pretty sure Meg Collett just took my heart and stomped on it. Some great twist, It had me reading from beginning till end without putting it down and it was a wonderful emotional roller coaster ride.

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Lifemaker ( The Great Iron War #2) by Dean F. Wilson

Title: Lifemaker

Series: The Great Iron War, Book Two
Author: Dean F. Wilson
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Genre: Steampunk


The Regime is on the hunt, forcing the Resistance to take refuge aboard the Lifemaker, an advanced submarine that houses a special cargo: a handful of women who can still give birth to human children.

To evade the Regime's own submersibles, all parties must work together, but tensions are high, and not everyone on board is looking out for the greater good.

As they descend into the deeps, they quickly learn that not all monsters work for the Regime.

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My Review

* I got a copy of this book for my honest review*

I enjoyed reading the first book in this series Hopebreaker, but I really had a tough time putting this one down. I enjoyed every minute of this book. It snagged me from the beginning.

This book started strong with the cast from Hopebreaker aboard Lifemaker. The tension is palpable from the beginning. Jacob is still his charismatic and sarcastic, trouble finding self but there was something more to him this time. He pretty much took a recovering Whistler under his wing and kept encouraging the kid whenever he got discouraged or started questioning his mother’s love. Taberah , man, she was still single minded and rather ruthless type of woman but I found myself not liking her as much as I did the last one. Her disregard for Whistler just seems so heartless at times but when you get the twist at the end you can see why she might treat Whistler the way she does even if he doesn’t deserve it. And poor Whistler having to find out that secret by eavesdropping. Talk about a twist. Taberah and Rommond are still working together even though the have many differences. I like that we get more of their history and what happened to cause the animosity between them. Also. The story behind Brooklyn was saddening and put Rommond in a different light for me.

We get introduced to more characters like the Copper Vixens and their Matron who have a bone to pick with Taberah. And a not so happy pregnant human.

The Resistance is headed for the deeps with women who are going to give birth to humans not demons and some other special cargo. It also seems someone is trying to wreak havoc on the sub by sabotaging things. Distrust, secrets, sneaking around, humor, mystery,monster fish and plenty of action in a claustrophobia inducing setting of a submarine. kept this book going from the start and made it a book that I could easily get lost in. The author did a wonderful job describing everything from the weapons and the sub to the ocean life.

Fun, action, mystery, humor, twists, steampunk adventure. When I got to the end I was sad it was over. I’m looking forward to picking up the next in the series when it comes out!


Author Bio

Dean F. Wilson was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1987. He started writing at age 11, when he began his first (unpublished) novel, entitled The Power Source. He won a TAP Educational Award from Trinity College Dublin for an early draft of The Call of Agon (then called Protos Mythos) in 2001.

His epic fantasy trilogy, The Children of Telm, was released between 2013 and 2014.

Dean also works as a journalist, primarily in the field of technology. He has written for TechEye, Thinq, V3, VR-Zone, ITProPortal, TechRadar Pro, and The Inquirer.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

        Check out Book 1 in the Great Iron War series! 

Title: Hopebreaker
Series: The Great Iron War, Book One
Publication Date: December 15, 2014
Genre: Steampunk


In the world of Altadas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive.

Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a man who profits from smuggling contraceptive amulets into the city of Blackout. He cares little about the Great Iron War, but a chance capture, and an even more accidental rescue, embroils him in a plot to starve the Regime from power.

When Hope is an enemy, Jacob finds it harder than he thought to remain indifferent. When the Resistance opts to field its experimental landship, the Hopebreaker, the world may find that one victory does not win a war.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository

Title: Lifemaker
Series: The Great Iron War, Book Two
Author: Dean F. Wilson
Publication Date: March 31, 2015 
Genre: Steampunk


The Regime is on the hunt, forcing the Resistance to take refuge aboard the Lifemaker, an advanced submarine that houses a special cargo: a handful of women who can still give birth to human children.

To evade the Regime's own submersibles, all parties must work together, but tensions are high, and not everyone on board is looking out for the greater good.

As they descend into the deeps, they quickly learn that not all monsters work for the Regime.

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When Shadows Fall ( The Small Gods #1) by Bruce Blake

When Shadows Fall
( The Small Gods #1)
by Bruce Blake

Synopsis From Goodreads:

A hundred hundred seasons have turned since the Goddess banished the Small Gods to the sky, leaving the land to mankind alone.

For Prince Teryk, life behind the castle walls is boring and uneventful until he stumbles upon an arcane scroll in a long-forgotten chamber. The parchment speaks of Small Gods, the fall of man, and the kingdom's savior—the firstborn child of the rightful king. It's his opportunity to prove himself to his father, the king, and assure his place in history. All he needs to do is find the man from across the sea—a man who can't possibly exist—and save mankind.

But ancient magic has been put in motion by a mysterious cult determined to see the Small Gods reborn. Powerful forces clash, uncaring for the lives of mortals in their struggle to prevent the return of the banished ones, or aid in their rebirth.

Named in a prophecy or not, what chance does a cocky prince who barely understands the task laid before him stand in a battle with the gods?

My Review

I received a copy of this for my honest review

Before the review I'd like to say I really like this cover! 

This story was written from many point of views but they changed in a way that there was no trouble following it. 

We are first introduced to a pair of priest/priestess twins who are experiencing the wrath of the Goddess and they have different ideas about wether to pass a warning to future generations or not. 

We meet Horace a crude sailor who is traveling the seas when he ends up overboard and washed up on shore. He meets an interesting individual who seems to want to help him out but Horace can’t help to wonder what he’d want in return. Seeing a sailing companion brings out the worst in Horace and towards the end has him running into an interesting character. 

The Twins Princess Danya and Prince Teryk we meet them as the Princess convinces her brother to go on an adventure in which the come upon a hidden place and a magic scroll. They keep the scroll a secret but decide at one point to tell Trenan ( Teryk’s sword trainer and the one who keeps an eye on the twins) That does not bode well and the King ends up finding out. Teryk is pretty sure the scroll is talking about his fate and he partakes on an adventure that doesn’t go as planned and leaves Trenan and Danya searching for him. 

Teryk he seems to have good intentions and he really wants to uphold his destiny but they poor kid just makes some rather poor choices and at times acts too big for his ability. Especially when you find that Trenan hasn’t been training him to be as expert as a sword fighter as Teryk things he is. 

I love Danya’s free spirit and her love of adventure. She tells things like it is and has a soft spot for her brother she’s very loyal to him. 

When I first read about Thorn he was trying to talk a bird into letting him fly over the veil with him. When he does convince one into taking him over the green veil it seems his ability to talk to them becomes void and he gets himself into some trouble. He comes back towards the end of the story in which (to me) he becomes more interesting of a character and I’m wondering how he is going to play more in this story. 

There is also a servant to the Goddess named Ailyssa she is to give birth to girls for the Goddess yet she has given birth to boys. How far will Ailyssa go to conceive a girl for the Goddess? 

I got completely engrossed in this story. The characters all had their own little side stories and I am excited to keep reading and see how they come together. It has plenty of action, magic, mystery and humor. The ending was a wonderful cliffhanger! When I finished I was confused and more interested in what is going to happen in the rest of the series. I keep thinking about it and trying to piece possible ways these characters might come together or affect each other. 

Fantasy, action, humor, mystery, and some crude language

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Lantos (Omega Beginnings Miniseries Book 4) Lizzy Ford

Omega Beginnings Miniseries Book 4
Lizzy Ford

Synopsis from Goodreads:

SHORT story (around 8,000 words!) Includes first three chapters of "Omega."

Lantos is a demigod, the orphaned son of the Titan of the Unseen and a human mother raised on the streets of Washington DC. His sole mission in life: to be worthy of his father’s attention and hopefully one day, shed his human weakness and win his father’s love.

In his haste to help Princess Phoibe, Lantos stumbles upon a discovery that changes his life and destiny forever. Not only does he find someone capable of shoring up his very human weaknesses but he also uncovers a secret he believes will win over his father.

However, to use both to his advantage, he risks disobeying his father. Lantos is forced to decide how far he’s willing to go to get what he wants in life

My Review:
5/5 Stars

* I got this for my honest review*

I’m loving these short stories that are introducing us to the characters and their background for the soon to come Omega series.

I found Lantos interesting as much as he wants to protect Princess Phoibe he also wants his fathers approval ( The Titan of the Unseen). His father finds Lantos human side disgraceful but Lantos can not help but care for Phoibe and humans.

I’m a little irritated that as much as I like Lantos he has his own agenda and he is going to put others and risk to accomplish it and what he did to Mismatch I found rather reprehensible but how far will he go for the love of his father and to be considered a part of his fathers family? I’m hoping the human side of him lashes out.

At the end we get introduced to Theodosia who has her own complication and Lantos is tasked with taking her to where she needs to be and protecting her.

Looking forward to the rest of these short story character introductions.

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Hera: The Goddess and her Glory ( Olympians #3) by George O’Connor

Hera: The Goddess and her Glory

( Olympians #3)
by George O’Connor

Synopsis from Goodreads:

he story of Hera, Queen of the Gods, and the heroes who won her favor.

Volume 3 of Olympians, Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory, introduces readers to the Queen of the Gods and Goddesses in the Pantheon. This volume tells the tales of the many heroes who sought and won Hera’s patronage, most notably Hercules.

In Olympians, O’Connor draws from primary documents to reconstruct and retell classic Greek myths. But these stories aren’t sedate, scholarly works. They’re action-packed, fast-paced, high-drama adventures with monsters, romance, and not a few huge explosions. O’Connor’s vibrant, kinetic art brings ancient tales to undeniable life, in a perfect fusion of super-hero aesthetics and ancient Greek mythology

My review:
5/5 Stars

So I was debating on wether to give it 4 or 5 stars only because even though this one is called Hera there seemed to be a lot more of Hercules stories in it. In the end I gave it 5 because I honestly enjoyed all the stories that were told.

I’m reading these along with my 8 year old. He was not impressed by Hera but I was. I think it was great to get a kind of different interpretation of her instead of the one I had where she was just a rightfully vengeful wife. I mean most of the things that happened was Zeus’s fault but she married him knowing how he was. I think she kind of had a sense of humor about her I especially liked it in the Io story. I felt bad for Io but how Hera handled it was pretty funny especially while Zeus was trying to talk Hera out of keeping the transformed Io. Then I found it interesting in the Jason and the Argonauts story what Jason said about Hera. How she is actually good for them despite how she seems to be using them.

Hercules stories were probably the best part of the book. I loved reading all his adventures and seeing Hera’s part in the background.

Loved the ending where Hera gets away to just be Hera because even goddess need time off.

Again the end with all the extra information was most welcomed and intriguing to see why the author wrote the Goddess and the demi god as he did.

Fun mythological stories. Love the artwork.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blood on Snow ( Blood on Snow #1) by Jo Nesbø

Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow #1

by Jo Nesbø

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From the internationally acclaimed author of the Harry Hole novels—a new, electrifying stand-alone thriller set in Oslo in the 1970s: the story of an unusually complicated contract killer—the perfectly sympathetic antihero—that is, as well, an edgy, almost lyrical meditation on death and love. 

This is the story of Olav: an extremely talented "fixer" whose unexpected capacity for love is as far-reaching as his talent for murder. He works for Oslo's crime kingpin, "fixing" anyone who causes him trouble. But it's becoming clear to Olav that the more you know about your boss's business, the more your boss might want you fixed yourself, especially if you've fallen in love with his wife.. 

My Review:


I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway

This is the first book I have ever read by this author. 

Olav is a fixer or you can call him a contract killer. He is really good at his job. His boss sets him up to fix his wife who has been cheating on him. Olav spends time watching the house and the wife and ends up falling in love with her. Things take a turn after that. 

I couldn’t help but like Olav. He’s rather down on himself and has such self effacing humor. he doesn’t think he’s smart ( but he tends to spout random things he has read) but the more I read about him I think he was. The fact he has inherited his fathers penchant for brutality and he just happens to be really good at it made him turn course from going to college to getting jobs like pimp ( in which his heart got in the way and he was no good as a pimp) a getaway driver ( he is not good at driving slowly) and a fixer in which he actually excels at. 

This book had great kind of dry humor, action, violence and some twists here and there, and honestly I found the main character entertaining and easy to like. It was a short read and one that I found myself engrossed in. The ending superb and heartbreaking. 

thriller/crime/suspense/noir/ mystery. I’m looking forward to grabbing another book by Jo Nesbø ( probably the Harry Hole series since it seems it has a big fan base) and  Blood and Snow #2.

Monday, May 11, 2015

King’s (The King Trilogy #1) Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

The King Trilogy #1
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Synopsis from Goodreads:


“I am the man who can find anything or anyone. For a price. And my price is you.”

When Mia Turner’s brother goes missing in Mexico, while on an archaeological dig, she believes that life couldn’t get much worse. But when she’s blocked at every turn from finding answers, by both local and U.S. authorities, she must turn to a man she swears is the devil.

Others might be fooled by his private jet, fine tailored suits, and disarming smile, but Mia knows something dark, sinister, and unnatural lurks behind those penetrating, pale-gray eyes. And the more she learns, the more she realizes she may never be free again

My review:

2/5 Stars

I didn’t read the synopsis on this when I grabbed it. All I knew it was a Dark Fantasy and honestly the cover made the dude look like the devil so I thought well this will be interesting going in blind.

So, Mia is trying to find her brother who ended up going missing for a dig site along with his coworkers. She ends up indebting her self to the mysterious Mr. King.

You know theres something weird going on with the dude which makes him sort of interesting because I spent my time wondering what fantasy type he could be. He was pretty much a grade A alpha a hole. And Mia well she was pretty fierce with him even though she kept finding herself attracted to him ( even though she didn’t want to be) . King pretty much acts like he owns Mia and is constantly getting mad at her for not listening to him ( which since he has to keep saving her I suppose he has the right to be mad at her, probably make me mad too) .

Anyway, some light action scenes, mystery, romance , lust and some naughty talk. I think my issue with it it just kind of dragged at a few too many points and I couldn’t get into it. It was okay and I’m hoping its just the first book having to set everything up and keep a good storyline. Theres a twist at the end and a cliffhanger that I kind of makes me want to pick up the next book but I’m in no rush to even though I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is going on with these characters and their abilities plus I want to know Mack’s story.

For me it was an okay book. I’m sure others are going to like it or even love it. It had a decent story, if you like the whole a hole alpha male who saves the chick but acts like he hates her thing and then find out that he has a painful past that makes him that way King is definitely that character ( even though I still don’t know what happened in his past except what I could kind of piece together).

This book is worth a try. Its an easy read and not long so if you don’t like it its not a complete waste of time and if you do well its part of a trilogy so there is more of King, Mia and the other characters. 

Even though I didn't care for this book I still plan on trying her other series as well. I heard great things about this author. 

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Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine by Tim Hanley

Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine

by Tim Hanley

Synopsis from Goodreads:

2015 Amelia Bloomer Project List

This close look at Wonder Woman’s history portrays a complicated heroine who is more than just a female Superman with a golden lasso and bullet-deflecting bracelets. The original Wonder Woman was ahead of her time, advocating female superiority and the benefits of matriarchy in the 1940s. At the same time, her creator filled the comics with titillating bondage imagery, and Wonder Woman was tied up as often as she saved the world. In the 1950s, Wonder Woman begrudgingly continued her superheroic mission, wishing she could settle down with her boyfriend instead, all while continually hinting at hidden lesbian leanings. While other female characters stepped forward as women’s lib took off in the late 1960s, Wonder Woman fell backwards, losing her superpowers and flitting from man to man. Ms. magazine and Lynda Carter restored Wonder Woman’s feminist strength in the 1970s, turning her into a powerful symbol as her checkered past was quickly forgotten. Exploring this lost history adds new dimensions to the world’s most beloved female character, and Wonder Woman Unbound delves into her comic book and its spin-offs as well as the myriad motivations of her creators to showcase the peculiar journey that led to Wonder Woman’s iconic status.

My Review
5/5 Stars

I LOVE WonderWoman I always have. Even before I ever read or watched anything with her I was always drawn to her. Why? Because she was THE kickass chick! She could do what the guys could do and sometimes she did it even better. She was female independence. The woman who could take care of herself. She did not need a man. After reading a bit about her and finding some basic stuff out I came to want to know more about her and her history. 

So reading this book crushed me. It opened my eyes to the fact that at times she wasn’t the woman I thought she was. BUT! what an interesting history she has! The backstory I knew was only one of them. She went through many changes since Marston created her in the beginning . The Golden Age where she was Superior to men, Kicked butt and helped defeat the Axis, possibly had bondage interests(?) and had no interest in Steve only to save him. The Silver Age where she became enamored with Steve and he started saving her. The Bronze age she gave up everything to be with Steve. I mean through this book the author pretty much points out how through out the years and women made strides forward Wonder Woman kept changing hands and going backwards. Steinem at least brought Wonder Woman back into the mainstream.

I found this book to be extremely interesting and the author had some wonderfully humorous notes at times. There was some parts where he went on and on about other wonderful females from comics and I wanted more Wonder Woman but it was nice to see how she compared to others and to see how these women faired in the comic world through history ( Man, Lois Lane for one, Superman was kind of a dick) . I still love Wonder Woman and even though she has an odd history ( Marston, man….that dude was something else.) and an ever-changing origin story. I enjoyed reading the different personas that she held over the years. 

I still adore Wonder Woman and to me she’s always going to be a kick ass female super heroine. I will cross my fingers in hopes that someday she will get story that she deserves until then I’m still going to enjoy her stories and focus on the positive. She kicks ass wether along side some dude or for some dude. She’s been around for years and she still is going.

I’d recommend this to those who want to find out some history behind Wonder Woman and how she has changed through out the years and how she compared to other women in comics.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zoey Avenger( Incubatti #2 )by Lizzy Ford

Zoey Avenger
Incubatti #2
by Lizzy Ford

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Determined to do what’s right regardless of the cost, Zoey strikes out on her own as leader of Team Rogue, a vigilante group of beautifully lethal women dedicated to protecting the innocent. Her challenges soon become overwhelming as she is wanted dead or alive by two opposing supernatural societies. Making matters worse, she is plagued by blackouts that may compromise her missions. 

Politically adept, Declan knows how to walk the fine line between helping the woman he loves and remaining loyal to his family. What the powerful Enforcer Chief doesn’t know is how to keep Zoey safe from their common enemy.

Time is running out for Zoey and her team. If her enemies don’t find her, her inability to control her actions will land her in hot water, if not dead. Aware of the dangers, she proposes a tempting deal to Declan -- spend every night in his bed, as he asked her long ago -- if, he and his powerful family align with Team Rogue in the coming confrontation between their societies.

My Review
5/5 Stars

*I got this book for my honest review*

I really enjoyed Zoey Rogue so I was excited to finally get to read this book. 

Zoey Avenger takes place a few months after Zoey Rogue. 

Declan and Zoey are still apart because Zoey still feels betrayed and Declan is giving her space even though he still checks up on her and makes sure nothing horribly bad happens to her.Declan does his best to let Zoey keep her distance but he’s still looking for ways to wiggle himself back into her life. While taking charge as the new Incubatti Enforcer Chief and keeping Zoey out of the crosshairs of the Incubatti enforcers. Zoey is leading the Rogue team and we get to see all that she puts into it and all that she sacrifices for her girls and the halflings. The Rogue team is wanted by the incubatti and the sucubatti ( Lead by the evil Olivia) . Also you have them fighting the Cambions every night, finding new places to hide when the sucubatti or incubatti discover their hideout and Zoey is having black outs in which she wanders out and fights, the halflings are having their own health issues and Chrissy is trying her best to fix them all. And a new player comes in to the game to try and keep regulations on all sides and humans as safe as possible. 

I enjoy Zoey and the other Rogue leaders. Those women are fiercely loyal to each other and kick butt. I have to say though Chrissy ( the human genius who is not the medic/doctor but only plays one when needed) is probably my favorite character. She’s super smart and makes the cool gadgets! Declan and his brothers are rather humorous and are great protectors for the Rogue ladies. 

The story had great action, politics, twists, betrayal, love, heartbreak, humor hot scenes and made me not want to put my kindle down ( which I didn’t until I was finished. This story had so much wonderful stuff going on that for me there was never a dull moment in the book. 

The great cast of characters is back. This one seems more serious even though there was some great humorous parts. Great action, Some nice twists and a wonderful ending. I’m hoping there is going to be more for this series I’d like to know what happens with the rest of the characters, especially Chrissy. 

If you read Zoey Rogue this is a going to be a book you want to pick up. If you haven’t make sure you read Zoey Rogue first. I’d recommend this to anyone who like books with their heroines tough, loyal,smart and sassy. The heroes loyal, protective and sexy. It has some hot scenes and some heartbreaking moments.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Better the Devil You Know (Days of the New #3) byMeg Collett

Better The Devil You Know

Days of the New #3

By: Meg Collett

Synopsis From Goodreads

Set in the same world as the bestselling End of Days series comes the darkly comedic stand-alone serial spin-off, Days of New.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Lucifer doesn’t need that definition to know he’s gone mad. When he came back from the dead, he only had thoughts of revenge and taking back what he’d lost: Hell and his army of fallen angels.

Except there’s only one flaw in his evil plan: He’s falling in love with the most unlikely person. But who could love an ugly thing like the devil? And Lucifer can’t bear to be hurt again. He’s already crazy enough.

The last thing Clark cares about is Lucifer’s love life, especially when Camille is missing and an entirely new threat has arisen called the Loyalists of Adam. But this new side of Lucifer may mean that Clark can get Camille back alive and possibly prevent a new war too. It’s a dangerous notion and one that could get everyone killed.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that falling in love during times like these would be a better definition of insanity.

My Review
5/5 Stars!

This book starts with the action and continues till the end.

The only thing Clark cares about right now is getting the woman he loves back. Screw the nephilim and screw the descendants.

Lucifer has Cami and Clark realizing he loves her is going to destroy Lucifer and get her back. Especially if his vision is coming true.

Lucifer is descending farther into madness. At times we get a glimpse of the old Lucifer. The one who was just working with the hand he was dealt. But his madness seems to be taking stage. We still get to glimpses of the old Lucifer in the madness. Especially when he is around a certain someone or thinking about this person. Is there anything that can stop his madness? Possibly, but does Lucifer love her enough to put her before his plans? Can she calm him enough for Clark to rescue Camille? How far will the girl go to help Clark save Cami?

Of course though we get a twist at the end when we are introduced to the new threat called the “ Loyalists of Adam” also we see a new side of Zarachiel.

Action packed, page turning book that you’ll not want to put down. They just keep getting better and better!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, David Kudler

The Hero with a Thousand Faces
by Joseph Campbell, David Kudler

Synopsis from Goodreads

Since its release in 1949, The Hero with a Thousand Faces has influenced millions of readers by combining the insights of modern psychology with Joseph Campbell’s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology. In these pages, Campbell outlines the Hero’s Journey, a universal motif of adventure and transformation that runs through virtually all of the world’s mythic traditions. He also explores the Cosmogonic Cycle, the mythic pattern of world creation and destruction.

As part of the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Collected Works of Joseph Campbell, this third edition features expanded illustrations, a comprehensive bibliography, and more accessible sidebars.

As relevant today as when it was first published, The Hero with a Thousand Faces continues to find new audiences in fields ranging from religion and anthropology to literature and film studies. The book has also profoundly influenced creative artists—including authors, songwriters, game designers, and filmmakers—and continues to inspire all those interested in the inherent human need to tell stories

My Review

5/5 Stars

This is probably one of the coolest books I have ever read.

I love mythology. All mythology and reading this has opened my eyes to so much more.

I loved reading all the different myths and the fact that they all seem to follow the same patterns ( which I’ve always thought all myths sound relatively the same) . I found this book informative and very intriguing but I have to say the best part of it was being introduced to all the different myths and the Cosmogonic Cycle.

This book is detailed and I thought well written. It was not one I could read in one day. Frankly, It took me over a month to finish it because I wanted to absorb every detail and make notes of my thoughts and bookmark my favorite places and myths that I would want to later look into.

I can see myself maybe not completely rereading it but definitely picking it up and reading my favorite parts and other great parts of this book off and on.

So many great quotes, such great incite and comparisons. I think many people will continue to enjoy this book. Wether just fans of mythology or a student of it.