Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blood on Snow ( Blood on Snow #1) by Jo Nesbø

Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow #1

by Jo Nesbø

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From the internationally acclaimed author of the Harry Hole novels—a new, electrifying stand-alone thriller set in Oslo in the 1970s: the story of an unusually complicated contract killer—the perfectly sympathetic antihero—that is, as well, an edgy, almost lyrical meditation on death and love. 

This is the story of Olav: an extremely talented "fixer" whose unexpected capacity for love is as far-reaching as his talent for murder. He works for Oslo's crime kingpin, "fixing" anyone who causes him trouble. But it's becoming clear to Olav that the more you know about your boss's business, the more your boss might want you fixed yourself, especially if you've fallen in love with his wife.. 

My Review:


I won this in a Goodreads Giveaway

This is the first book I have ever read by this author. 

Olav is a fixer or you can call him a contract killer. He is really good at his job. His boss sets him up to fix his wife who has been cheating on him. Olav spends time watching the house and the wife and ends up falling in love with her. Things take a turn after that. 

I couldn’t help but like Olav. He’s rather down on himself and has such self effacing humor. he doesn’t think he’s smart ( but he tends to spout random things he has read) but the more I read about him I think he was. The fact he has inherited his fathers penchant for brutality and he just happens to be really good at it made him turn course from going to college to getting jobs like pimp ( in which his heart got in the way and he was no good as a pimp) a getaway driver ( he is not good at driving slowly) and a fixer in which he actually excels at. 

This book had great kind of dry humor, action, violence and some twists here and there, and honestly I found the main character entertaining and easy to like. It was a short read and one that I found myself engrossed in. The ending superb and heartbreaking. 

thriller/crime/suspense/noir/ mystery. I’m looking forward to grabbing another book by Jo Nesbø ( probably the Harry Hole series since it seems it has a big fan base) and  Blood and Snow #2.

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