Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Devil in the Details (Days of the New 4) by Meg Collett

Devil in the Details
Days of the New 4
by Meg Collett

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Set in the same world as Meg Collett’s bestselling End of Days series comes the darkly comedic paranormal serial spin-off series, Days of New.

“Clark was human, Nephil, Descendant. He was good and bad. He was the dirty magic of evil angels. He was still the pink-haired kid who had fallen into a cave and found a broken angel. He was a reaper and a savior. A lost boy who just wanted his friends to stop dying.”

Peace can be as deadly as war, and someone won’t survive.

My Review:
5/5 Stars

This to me is the best book so far in the Days of the New series. Clark is still trying to help Cami but she doesn’t seem to want his help. Its rather heartbreaking to see how much Clark loves her and the fact he wants to heal her but for some reason she won’t let him.

We get more of Zarachiel in this and what happens between him and Grace. Towards something major happens and we get a return of some characters from the past.

Again I loved this installment although I’m pretty sure Meg Collett just took my heart and stomped on it. Some great twist, It had me reading from beginning till end without putting it down and it was a wonderful emotional roller coaster ride.

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