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Zoey Avenger( Incubatti #2 )by Lizzy Ford

Zoey Avenger
Incubatti #2
by Lizzy Ford

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Determined to do what’s right regardless of the cost, Zoey strikes out on her own as leader of Team Rogue, a vigilante group of beautifully lethal women dedicated to protecting the innocent. Her challenges soon become overwhelming as she is wanted dead or alive by two opposing supernatural societies. Making matters worse, she is plagued by blackouts that may compromise her missions. 

Politically adept, Declan knows how to walk the fine line between helping the woman he loves and remaining loyal to his family. What the powerful Enforcer Chief doesn’t know is how to keep Zoey safe from their common enemy.

Time is running out for Zoey and her team. If her enemies don’t find her, her inability to control her actions will land her in hot water, if not dead. Aware of the dangers, she proposes a tempting deal to Declan -- spend every night in his bed, as he asked her long ago -- if, he and his powerful family align with Team Rogue in the coming confrontation between their societies.

My Review
5/5 Stars

*I got this book for my honest review*

I really enjoyed Zoey Rogue so I was excited to finally get to read this book. 

Zoey Avenger takes place a few months after Zoey Rogue. 

Declan and Zoey are still apart because Zoey still feels betrayed and Declan is giving her space even though he still checks up on her and makes sure nothing horribly bad happens to her.Declan does his best to let Zoey keep her distance but he’s still looking for ways to wiggle himself back into her life. While taking charge as the new Incubatti Enforcer Chief and keeping Zoey out of the crosshairs of the Incubatti enforcers. Zoey is leading the Rogue team and we get to see all that she puts into it and all that she sacrifices for her girls and the halflings. The Rogue team is wanted by the incubatti and the sucubatti ( Lead by the evil Olivia) . Also you have them fighting the Cambions every night, finding new places to hide when the sucubatti or incubatti discover their hideout and Zoey is having black outs in which she wanders out and fights, the halflings are having their own health issues and Chrissy is trying her best to fix them all. And a new player comes in to the game to try and keep regulations on all sides and humans as safe as possible. 

I enjoy Zoey and the other Rogue leaders. Those women are fiercely loyal to each other and kick butt. I have to say though Chrissy ( the human genius who is not the medic/doctor but only plays one when needed) is probably my favorite character. She’s super smart and makes the cool gadgets! Declan and his brothers are rather humorous and are great protectors for the Rogue ladies. 

The story had great action, politics, twists, betrayal, love, heartbreak, humor hot scenes and made me not want to put my kindle down ( which I didn’t until I was finished. This story had so much wonderful stuff going on that for me there was never a dull moment in the book. 

The great cast of characters is back. This one seems more serious even though there was some great humorous parts. Great action, Some nice twists and a wonderful ending. I’m hoping there is going to be more for this series I’d like to know what happens with the rest of the characters, especially Chrissy. 

If you read Zoey Rogue this is a going to be a book you want to pick up. If you haven’t make sure you read Zoey Rogue first. I’d recommend this to anyone who like books with their heroines tough, loyal,smart and sassy. The heroes loyal, protective and sexy. It has some hot scenes and some heartbreaking moments.

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