Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hardcore Volume 2 by Staci Hart

Hardcore: Volume Two
(Hardcore #2)
by Staci Hart

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The choice is steep: Stay on the ledge and steal Van's painting or take the leap and sacrifice her sister. It's another decision in a long line that she's had to make in her life, and though it's easy to make, it's impossible to execute.

Jade won't let Cory go until she gets what she wants, but the price for Cory is high. It's never been hard to steal, to lie, but Van changed all the rules. It was the last thing she wanted to do to him. But as much as that choice is agony, there's really only one to make.

Betrayal and pain. Love and loss. Decisions and consequences. The edge Cory walks is razor sharp and sky high, but she can't look down. Not until she makes it to the other side.

My review:

5/5 Stars

I got this for my honest review

Hardcore Volume 2 took off and had me turning pages from the beginning. It starts out with Cory waking up on the floor of the flat and after that she has a lot of big decisions to make. Which are actually easy for her to make because its always protect Jill.. Who happens to be in Jade’s crosshairs unless Cory does this next job.

I picked this book up one night when I had every intention of going to bed early but of course with all the emotional drama that unfolds and the paging turing action I couldn’t put it down. When the job goes down and things got screwed up I was angry at Jade and Jace for putting Cory in that situation. I love that all the other girls come together with Cory and help her try to right the wrong that she had committed even if it was dangerous. And of course I liked that Cory and Jill are getting to know each other better and Jill seems to be very understanding and excepting of Cory and I love this quote from Jill “You have to trust the people who love you, Cory. That’s part of what love is. And if your honesty pushes someone away, then they didn’t love you in the first place.”

I really enjoyed all the characters in this book. Even the other girls which get mentioned here and there are great and have me wondering why they are doing this, and of course there is Erin she’s pretty much Cory’s rock. Always there for her emotionally, physically and just seems to get her.

Can Cory let her walls down and let people in? , will Jade and Jace really let Cory off the hook? Can Cory let Van go and betray him? Will Van just let Cory go?

The emotions and action captures you and keeps the pages turning. Never a dull moment! Of course another cliffhanger ending! If you liked Vol 1 it just keeps getting better! I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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