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Shannon in the Lion's Den by eden Hudson

Shannon in the Lion's Denby eden Hudson

Synopsis from Goodreads

You got to pay to play...

At just twenty-two years old, Shannon Colter has everything she's ever wanted. She's an international rock star, her guitar playing is better than it's ever been, and she never has to worry about going hungry again.

But behind the scenes, Shannon's world is falling apart. Her bandmates hate her, the music she used to love is driving her insane, the only escape she can find from the noise is sex, and the messiest breakup of her pre-rock-star life, Danny Whitney, just blew into town.

To top it all off, the deal Shannon made with the devil just came due. Now the forces of Hell have been unleashed against her with one objective: Destroy.

Hell wants her, but he wants her more...

Danny Whitney is the quintessential good boy. He reads his Bible and prays. He works hard and gets good grades. He's just five weeks and one senior thesis from graduating seminary at the top of his class.

But there was always something about Shannon that drove Danny a little bit crazy. Something that made him want to sacrifice everything good, just for her. Even now, five years after she wrecked his heart, he would do anything to keep her safe.


My Review

5/5 Stars

 All that down there does not do how wonderfully done this book is justice at all. This book( just like the one it is a prequel to) has me hooked. It might not be up everyones ally but I believe MANY people will enjoy this world and the characters that Hudson has created. The story is dark and the characters are flawed and at times almost unlikeable but like all that seems to be dark there is a light side to the story and so many redeeming aspects and depth to the characters that you ( at least I) enjoy them for everything they are.  This is another book that left me with the thought "Wow! I want more of this story and these characters"  at the end.


This book ( in particular) hooks you in and keeps you turning the pages. eden Hudson has me addicted to this world and characters she has created. I can’t get enough of these characters and this story. This is an author I’m very much looking forward to reading more from.

Shannon is a small town girl who has chased and captured her big time Rock n Roll dream. She’s angry overindulging and seems to be paranoid and spiraling out of control. You think you’re not going to like her but the more you read about her the more you like her ( at least I did…wether that makes sense or not) . Anyway, She runs into her ex love Danny who has grown up to become a seminary student, good ol boy who also happened to stumble into doing some demon slaying. You get to see through their memories how they fell in love and how they fell apart. Then we get the hope of maybe they rekindle that romance and Danny saving Shannon from herself and the demons that follow her

I want to shout it out and recommend this to everyone. I can not think of one thing to compare this book to. Its not beautiful and flowery but its wonderful. The story and characters grab you and then the action scenes come in hitting hard and fast. I was not ready for the ending to come but I couldn’t stop or slow down my reading.

These are they type of characters and the type of story that will stay with you after you read it. One when someone asks me to recommend a book this is the second book I recommend. The first is How To Kill Yourself In A Small Town. I usually try to take what other people like into consideration before I recommend a book I’ve read but this is one I think many people will enjoy reading, especially those who want a different take on the whole angels, demons and other worldly beings.

Dark, gritty amazingness with sparks of hope and love. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a good dark,action, fantasy, thriller that will keep you turning pages. I look forward to reading more books by this author ( hopefully many more books).

Although this is a prequel to How to Kill Yourself in a Small Town its just as good as a stand-alone book but I HIGHLY recommend both books.

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