Thursday, July 30, 2015

Buzzfeed booklover relatable pictures and my summer vacation..

Anyone see this 29 Pictures only Book Lovers Will Understand on Buzzfeed.

I take my kids on about a two month vacation to visit our family back in my home state. I try to read and keep up with writing and posting my reviews but as we tend to be go go going for those months. I tend to get behind.  I even have had to result in writing reviews on post it notes as I finish a book so I can type it up later.

Anyway,  I realized looking at those pictures that I'm guilty of a few of these especially at this time.

number #21. Even though I packed my kindle I still had paperbacks that I wanted to read and I had to sacrifice two shirts and some underwear to make room for my books ( I figured every place we'd be staying has a washer and dryer so I didn't need so much clothes) I still had to sit on my suitcase to close it.   Then I went to help my kids pack and it was a great feeling to see they were struggling with the same thing.

As for #23 for some reason this happens to me a lot on vacation too. I don't know if for some reason Michigan has different covers or if I just don't see the same covers where I live but I notice pretty covers when I'm on vacation and tend to buy them even though I already have that book.    While at my mothers house I stopped in Thrift Shop Association and found these awesome old covers of The Chronicles of Narnia box set and Lord of the Rings. Came to be one of the ladies had a daughter who was going through her stuff and decided she didn't want them. So I now own two boxsets of each because I couldn't pass up on the covers.

#25 Oh man my book store ADD kicks in to high when on vacation. I think I end up spending more on books because every time I pass a new used bookstore or a small town bookstore I have to stop. So far I've only hit up  Pieces & Pages in Livonia.  She's only been open for about a year but I know where I'm going to be stopping yearly for mine and my kids comics and to browse the used books.  Cozy atmosphere, friendly owner and I think they had a nice selection of used books along with comics, graphic novels.

I can relate to the other pictures as well but these are strictly my vacation relatable ones.   I'd also like to add that I own e-versions and hardcopies of many books because sometimes I just want the feel of a good book and sometimes I like just having the e-version to sneak a read on my phone or in case of those times where I can only back my kindle.

Well I hope all are having a wonderful summer and reading some great summer reads!

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