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Chains of Frost ( The Bellum Sisters #1) by T.A Grey

Chains of Frost
The Bellum Sisters

by T.A Grey

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Three Fates. Three Sisters.

When a will from her dead father decrees Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any woman would do—and casts a spell. Things get worse for Chloe when the spell she and her sisters perform summons an ancient demon from deep within the earth. Now she's being hunted by a demon set on killing her and must live at the aptly named Castle Death with the king of cold, Tyrian. Surprisingly, Chloe finds that she doesn’t mind her new Protector so much. His cold, impassionate nature needs a firm push to show his true colors, and Chloe thinks she’s just the one to do it.

Tyrian en Kulev always pays his debts. When Francis Bellum dies and orders Tyrian to act as his eldest daughter’s Protector, Tyrian resigns himself to the position. What should have been a simple deal--keep her in the castle, protect her--has turned difficult. Chloe comes to him with a demon trying to kill her and a sexy attitude that keeps invading his thoughts everywhere he goes. The little succubus easily grabs hold of the heart he’d kept locked away for so long and makes him feel once again. But can they defeat the demon that haunts her and can Tyrian overcome his past and move on to a new future with Chloe?

Chains of Frost is a full-length novel.

My review

3/5 Stars

I enjoy a good paranormal romance ( I think this is more of an erotica than romance, can it be both?). I love reading about succubus’s, demons, and even vampires and werewolves haven’t exactly lost my interest. Coming in to enjoying all that I thought I’d enjoy this book more. It’s not bad its just not as interesting as I thought it would be. I do have to say though it was a quick and slightly entertaining read. 

I like the characters. I think this book was supposed to concentrate on Chloe and her vampire protector. It did a decent job of it but there was also some sidetracking to Chloe’s sisters. I didn’t mind Chloe some of her comeback and the things she did to make Tyrian jealous or to seduce him was kind of funny. I liked all her snooping. Tyrian was the brooding tough as nails dude who had something bad happen to him and thought he’d never be able to move past it. 

The side romance with the half vamp/ half demon warrior and the full vamp doctor was kind of cute the typical I love you but I can’t have you/ not worthy of you romance. 

Then you have all the other starts to the sisters stories on the side. Willow being chased by the alpha she was given to as a protector and Lily, okay I like Lily I’m really looking forward to Lily’s book she’s vibrant and says what she wants and she likes her protector and she annoys him. 

There is some action because the girls kind of let out a nasty demon which was going for Chloe. 

I think one thing I didn’t like was at parts the kind of read like gossipy cliche brainless girls. And there was one scene where I’m pretty sure one of the characters were raped. She said no at plenty points but I think when it came to it she didn’t say no but she didn’t say yes… Not sure I’m happy with that part but maybe I missed where she gave consent. 

Steamy scenes, cute and entertaining story, the characters were decent. I think this kind of falls under the first book in a series situation. You know where you kind of like it but kind of don’t but hope that it gets better in the next book and you are willing to read the next one. Like I said before I really like Lily and I am interested in reading her story so I’ll probably buy Willows out of curiosity and so I can get to Lily’s.

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