Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rachel’s Folly by Monica Bruno

Rachel’s Folly
Monica Bruno

Synopsis from Goodreads

Rachel Richards’ ideal life is about to come undone. It’s the week of Rachel’s best friend’s wedding. Her fiancĂ© is a mysterious man named Jack, who seems to have no family or friends. After a night of drinking goes awry, Rachel is forced to face a dark part of herself she didn’t know existed. What started as a horrible mistake turns into a suspenseful mystery as pieces of Jack’s past start falling into place, and Rachel’s life hangs in the balance. Told from three unique perspectives—a heroine, a brother, and a vigilante—and set against the backdrop of Austin, Texas, Rachel’s Folly is a suspenseful thriller that explores profound loss, morality, and the lengths to which we will go to keep our darkest secrets

My Review


I got this for my honest review.

Interesting, quick, mysterious read taken from 3 view points.

First we get Rachels story. Its rather heart wrenching as she makes a mistake and we get to read how keeping it a secret takes a toll on her. When Rachel is starting to unravel who exactly Jack is her story comes to an end and we pick up with her brother putting the pieces together and figuring out what actually happened to Rachel. As Ben ( the brother) starts unravelling the clues and meets another character Sara ( who happens to be a patient of Rachel’s) something happens to him which puts his life at risk. Finally we switch to Sara’s point of view. Who ends up being the closer. The one to put Jack in his place ( so to speak) . 

This one man and this mistake affected so many lives in this story and it was interesting ( at least to me) to see not only how the main characters were affected but also everyone around them. From Rachel’s relationship with her husband ,her son and her best friend. To Ben and his relationship with his mother. 

Such a sad heart wrenching mysterious story. It drew me in a kept a hold of me because I wanted to know how it all tied together and ended. It was a quick read ( at least for me) 

Looking forward to reading the next installment of this series.

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