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Sonora and the Eye of the Titans ( Sonora #1) by Travis Hall

Sonora and the Eye of the Titans

 Sonora #1

By Travis Hall

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Percy Jackson meets I Am Number Four in this epic young adult fantasy series that answers the question, what if the gods of ancient civilizations were merely aliens?

Thousands of years ago, human civilizations were slaves to gods & titans. In truth, these beings were aliens from a world called Sonora. A war broke out that ended their rule on humanity, led by the famously known, so-called gods of ancient civilizations. Victorious, the gods of Earth established an order of Guardians, tasked to defend humans against the unauthorized passage of Sonorian invaders.

Many years later, the balance of power shifts, and the King of Sonora is murdered by a malevolent General who seeks ultimate power. As this new King’s power grows, evil forces takeover in Sonora, and eventually push that world toward the brink of war. The Guardians of Earth are now at a precipice, and their only hope is to protect the Sonorian rebellion and hope that they can find a way to defeat this new King before he amasses an army large enough to invade Earth.

Sasquatch, one of the most famous Guardians, monitors the gateway in North America where a group of Sonorian rebels have assimilated into the small mountain community of Sandy, Oregon. His task becomes even more complicated when he learns that he must protect the last bloodline of the rightful heir to the Sonorian throne.

Allora is unaware of her alien and royal heritage until she becomes the victim of a malicious prank. Embarrassed in front of her peers, her emotions become overwhelming, causing her hands to burst into flames. The sudden and public outburst projects an energy signature that attracts assassins to the small town.

Allora and her friends Tanner, Dax, and Katie must learn the ways of combat, master the art of the sword, and harness the ability to focus energized molecules, called hadrons, in order to meet their destiny and become true Sonorian warriors. Their only hope for survival is an ancient artifact, known as the Eye of the Titans.

To find it, Allora, Katie, Dax, and Tanner must solve complex riddles, fight mythical creatures, and navigate a magical cavern maze, all the while enduring advanced calculus, jealous cheerleading girlfriends, and the much anticipated prom.

My Review
2.5/5 Stars

So this book.. What to say…… I liked the concept and the Synopsis grabbed me… 

As for the story itself it had me on a roller coaster of do I want to continue reading it or just give it up. 

It started slow. Typical high school kids dealing with high school stuff than when the action started and we met Sas and found out what the kids were I was totally digging it. Then as I kept reading the story got bad again. Boring, the kids were annoying. I think Allora’s character at times was a complete contradiction from her character she portrayed at other times. Some of the things they said and did made me cringe. Maybe high school kids are like that these days. I don’t know. 

Now it wasn’t all bad. There were spurts of action that I actually liked and scenes flow of the story and dialogue that didn’t seem so forced or awkward. And those were really great parts. 

I really like the idea behind this story and I will read the next one in the series because I won it in a giveaway and I’m hoping it gets better because there is a lot of promise with the whole Ancient race from like another dimension influencing Earth Mythology. It has adventure, mythology, Sasquatch and some action. 

I’m not sure who I would recommend it to. Maybe, those who like YA like Percy Jackson could give it try. Like I said the story is a great idea but sometimes the first book in the series seems to fall flat for me.

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