Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Warrior Mage ( Chain of Honor book 1) by Lindsay Buroker

Synopsis from Goodreads:

His mother was one of the most powerful wizards in the Nurian Empire until she abandoned her people to become a notorious pirate. That choice doomed the family she left behind to a life of disgrace.

Yanko White Fox doesn’t remember his mother, but as the only gifted child in the family, he is expected to erase the mark she left on them all. With an affinity for earth magic and communicating with animals, he’s not the most natural candidate to become a warrior mage, but it’s the only sure route back into the Great Chief’s good graces. He has resigned himself to training for that destiny, whether it matches his passions or not.

Long before he’s ready for his first battle, insurrection comes to his distant corner of the empire. Rebels take over the salt mine his family manages and slay the only relative who ever supported Yanko. On the heels of the tragedy, a courier brings a message from the Great Chief’s son. Whether he is prepared or not, Yanko must undertake a quest, one that could save millions of lives… or fail utterly, leaving him dead, his family forgotten, and his people the victims of starvation and endless war

My Review

5/5 Stars

This book was given to my for my honest review.

This was set in the Emperors Edge world ( If you haven’t read that pick it up FANTASTIC series!!) Also it has to do with the characters from the Salt and the Sword series that she wrote and it has mentionings and appearances of other characters from other books set in the same world.

Warrior Mage can be read as a stand alone though.

We are introduced ( or reintroduced ) to Yanko a modest young man who at the beginning is taking his warrior mage entrance exam for a school. He has talent but towards the end of his exam he decides to show off and well ends up back in the family salt mines. While in the salt mines a catastrophe happens and Yanko escapes with his friend to go back to his village in which he has found pillaged,scorched and the villagers as well as his father gone. He ends up finding his brother that is in the military and has with him a letter from a Prince Yanko befriended in the Salt and Sword series in which sets him off on a course of adventure and mayhem. He takes his friend a female by the name of Lakeo with him and a mysterious Turgonian named Dak who owed him a favor. He comes across his lost free spirited crush and some interesting cast of characters all while being chased by a mage hunter and a seriously angry Warrior Mage foe.

I loved this book ( To be completely honest I love practically all the books this author writes) Action! Adventure! Pirates! a Jailbreak! A Kraken! Mayhem! Warrior Mages! A False Bard! Young Precocious Twins! Assassins! Reclaiming Honor! (Seriously what is not to like about all that? and its not even everything that makes this book so wonderful!)

The book was wonderfully fast paced and as in all her books the plot was complex and interesting.The characters were fun, smart and some of their pasts mysterious. Every time I had to sit it down I was looking forward to the moment I could pick it up and continue it. This book can be read as a stand alone. 

 The ending is quite the cliffhanger!! I’m excited to continue this adventure with Yanko and his friends

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