Sunday, March 1, 2015

Karma Girl ( Bigtime #1) by Jennifer Estep

Karma Girl
( Bigtime #1)
by Jennifer Estep

Synopsis from Goodreads:

After getting dumped by her crime-fighting fiance, reporter Carmen Cole starts exposing the country’s most powerful heroes and villains. But when her life is threatened, she’ll have to rely on the city’s sexiest crime-buster to save her.

My Review

3 / 5 Stars

 I like Jennifer Estep’s other books. I Figured one with superhero’s and villains whose covers get blown by a reporter who was formally engaged to a superhero who cheated on her with his arch enemy sounded interesting.

It was interesting and at points super funny. But all in all totally cheesy. This is a book I like to read when my brain just wants pure junk food and characters and story that is interesting enough to keep me reading but not all together into the book. My filler book if you will. I read it at night on my kindle when I couldn’t read my paperback book.

It had action, it had humor and a decent story. It didn’t really suck me into the story but I did keep picking it up and reading to see what happens next and if I could match the people with their bad guy or superhero alter ego’s.

So it was mind numbing brainless cheesy fun. Yes I’ll more than likely read the next ones because you know what, sometimes you just need some groan worthy cheesiness. Plus I have high hopes for the next book.

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