Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hardcore Volume 1 by Staci Hart

Hardcore Vol1
Staci Hart

I was given this ARC from the author for my honest review.


Cory James has never known a life where she wasn’t running. Running from the cops, her home, her past. Running from love. The only time she’s free is when she throws on her hood and takes to the roofs to become a part of New York, to climb to a place in the city where she doesn’t feel alone.

Stealing is nothing, lying inevitable, byproducts of survival. A way for Cory to provide for herself and for her younger sister, Jill, give her the life Cory couldn’t have, and for five years, Cory set up a long line of teetering dominos, one by one, choice by choice.

Meeting Van is the first domino to fall, and once they crash into each other, it’s only a matter of time before her whole world is in danger of falling apart. She can tell herself over and again that she doesn’t care, but it’s a lie. She knows it from the first time she says his name, but she can’t let him in, not when she has a job to do, a job that could rip her life apart at the seams. One that she’ll have to betray Van to finish.

He’ll follow however high she can climb, but she can only run for so long before she has to choose.

My Review

5/5 Stars

I LOVED this! I don’t read many books that are labeled erotica because to me they tend to have shoddy stories with just a bunch of sex scenes. This one caught my attention though and I have to say the story is wonderful and if you need those hot sexy scenes you still get those as well.

Cory was an excellent character. Kind of tough as nails, spit in your face, punch ya if you tick me off , say what I think type girl who also if she liked you she had your back and would do anything to help you and would stick up for you. There isn’t many people she let in through the huge walls she has built up around herself though and she has some pretty big secrets. Van is persistent, reliable, artistic, someone who challenges her and one who can possibly scale those walls Cory has built and someone who can keep up with her. Hopefully she’ll tell him the truth. I even enjoyed the evil Jade and her jerk wad brother. I loved hating them. The world building was done well and everything was easily pictured. I really liked how the scenery got described on the run. You can easily picture the walls that were climbed, the city, the fire escapes, the warehouse were the girls lived, Vans apartment building and the artwork that was beautifully described.

This books has it all Great Story, Kick butt/ smart mouthed/ mysterious female lead, Gorgeous /knows what he wants male, A evil chick you’ll love hating, Hot sex scenes, Wonderful world building , female thieves and adrenaline pumping action.

Volume 1 of Hardcore grabbed me and had me turning the pages non stop till the end and Oh what an end it was! I’m excited to grab Volume 2 and continue the story especially after what went down between Jade and Cory.

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