Friday, January 30, 2015

The Amulet, Vol 1 The Stonekeeper ( The Amulet series) by Kazu Kibuishi

Usually on Friday's I volunteer at my kids school library during my kindergartners library time. Today however do to the weather I decided to stay home. As I sat down and realized I finished cleaning and everything early and now I have some extra time on my hands I decided to pick up a book that is a part of a graphic novel series my oldest ( a second grader now) loves.   I got these for him because he was showing some hesitation reading books with a lot of words and not a lot of pictures (that was awhile ago he says he's been reading them since before 1st grade. Could be true but I think it was at the beginning of first grade.) Anyway, anytime I hear someone say they can not seem to get their kid to read a book I always recommend this series because it was what got my oldest to love reading. He doesn't just read graphic novels/ comics either he enjoys a variety of books but this series is one he continues to get excited about and this author is one he actually keeps an eye on to see if there is anything new coming from.

I'm babbling trying to explain how cool this series is. At least from my oldest's point of view.

I usually flick through the books he picks out and make sure there is not anything I do not approve of him reading. I try not to discourage him from reading anything that he wants to read with in reason.  I never actually read this graphic novel until today.

Amulet, Vol 1 The Stonekeeper
Amuler series
Kazu Kibuishi 

Synopsis from Goodreads

Graphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi creates a world of terrible, man-eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, a giant robot---and two ordinary children on a life-or-death mission.

After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids' mom through a door in the basement. Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals.
Eventually, they enlist the help of a small mechanical rabbit named Miskit. Together with Miskit, they face the most terrifying monster of all, and Em finally has the chance to save someone she loves.

My Review

4/5 Stars

First thought You killed someone in the first few pages of a kids book! Wait Disney movies kill people off too. Okay, shock over. 

I likes how the mother helped keep the kids upbeat when the moved into the old home and had to clean it and on the way there she was understanding of their feelings and was encouraging them to like their new home. Even encouraging Emily to learn more about her great grandfather. Just not be like him.  

Emily was super brave for a kid who watched her father die and her mother get snatched by a monster.  She took responsibility of her brother and the amulet and decided to help save her mother and the world that they were in.  I liked the Emily has choices not just that she has to do something because she was given the amulet but she had the choice to.  She also had the choice to seriously hurt someone but she made the choice to let him live even though he wasn't the nicest of beings.   I like that she lets her younger brother help out and notices when he might be better suited for the situation because of his past favorite past time ( like my son, most kids and some adults...its gaming) 

The story was great. A little dark but you get the whole light at the end of the tunnel feeling. That the characters will achieve what the set out to do. I also enjoyed the whole family thing.  The illustrations were wonderful. I even slowed down and went back to look at the artwork. I look forward to reading this series and being able to talk about it with my son. It was a great start to a fantastical adventure. 

Now that I think about it I'd recommend this to kids around middle grade but like I said my son has been reading the series for awhile so, maybe use caution it does have monsters and evil doers and its a little dark but not so much that I wouldn't say you shouldn't read this with a younger kid. I'm actually thinking about starting it with my youngest soon.

Great characters, Wonderful story and artwork, a quick read ( at least for me, an adult), fantastical adventure. I'll continue to recommend it to others and look forward to reading it with my youngest and continuing the series.

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