Thursday, January 22, 2015

Xander's Chance by Lizzy Ford

Xander’s Chance
(Damian Eternal #1)
Lizzy Ford

Synopsis from Goodreads:

As the single-most powerful vampire on the planet, Xander is the ultimate bored predator with too much time on his hands. He manipulates the minds of immortals for fun and bullies around the Gods, while guarding the secret source of his power, a crystal that can wipe out the planet. But beneath the surface, he’s a shrewd creature who learned the brutal lesson of why there must be a balance between good and evil. An unwilling protector of the playthings known as humans, he knows when and where to use his power – and never to let anyone close enough to betray him. It’s easy to do, since he has the power to read the minds of everyone around him.

Except for one: Jessi, an innocent looking woman with an unusual talent who shows up unexpectedly in his life. Her sudden appearance is too convenient to be coincidence or chance. Xander determines quickly that she was sent by someone, but he can’t read her mind to discover why.

Jessi’s secret – and Xander’s – have the power to forever change the human world. Intrigued by a new sort of challenge, Xander won’t know how much danger he’s in, until he’s placed his fate in the hands of a woman whose betrayal will cost either his heart or his life.

My Review:

4/5 Stars

This book was a fun, action filled continuation of the War of Gods saga. In the Saga we get introduced to an Original named Xander. A vampire who is born from two human parents not created. He is the strongest there is.

In this book we get Xanders background what made him what he is. From a sweet little boy who cared more than anything for his mother to a famous, cocky, self assured, kick butt, reluctant protector of humans playboy who spends his nights with a plethora of women who get kicked out in the morning by his assistent without the chance of a repeat nightime preformance ever again.

Then he meets Jessie. Jessie is a women who isn’t falling for Xanders charms, well at least she isn’t letting her self. She has become Xanders replacement assisted while his is on vacation, but….. she is faking it. She is there to get something from Xander that the Black God wants, that is her only focus. Xander enjoys manipulating people minds but when he meets Jessie he finds that he can not sense her and that intrigues him. He catches on very fast that Jessie is not suppose to be his replacement assistant and he messes with her. To the point where Jessie pretty much quits every day. Their bickering back and forth was cute Jessie even though she got flustered a lot she gave as good as Xander did.

The action scenes were great and I enjoyed the flirtatious bickering between the characters. Also reading what Jessie was going through trying to accept a world filled with vampires, oracles, gods and naturals with special abilities and trying to protect her cousins from some horrible vampires. She could have just relied on Xander for protection but she is so used to taking care of everything herself and she’s not sure she can trust Xander especially since she plans on betraying him which becomes harder for her the closer she gets to him and the more he opens up to her. I liked how we get a sense of the good inside Xander. He definitely protects what is “his”.

Also, we get more of the characters from the War of Gods saga.

What I’m trying to say is. I enjoyed this book. It was a fun action filled read with some romance and lots of flirting. I’d say read the War of Gods saga first to get a better understanding of the characters though.

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