Monday, January 5, 2015

Roth (The Invasion Trilogy #2) by Jessica Frances

The Invasion Trilogy #2
by Jessica Frances

Synopsis From Goodreads

I was taken and left for dead on a planet far from Earth. My new nightmare is called Roth.
I have only Hank for an ally here and a burning rage that builds higher with each passing day.
But we have a plan.
One that will hopefully give humans back the Earth.
One that will ensure I get revenge for what was taken from me.
I will stop at nothing to get Earth back.
I am willing to die for this.

I made a mistake.
I sent Mattie away from Earth and now she is in more danger than she ever was there.
The threat to her life doesn't just come from my people, but from humans as well.
I have to find her.
She needs to know there is more at risk than just her life.
She carries a secret, one that would lead to our deaths if anyone found out.
If we want a future together, then we need to escape Roth and leave the war and everyone behind.

What happens when their plan begins to fail?
What will they do when a new threat presents itself, one more dangerous than anything they have ever faced before?
Will Mattie be able to survive the loss she is forced to endure?
Will Marduke be able to protect her from not only his people and hers, but also from herself?
Is there still a way to save Earth?
Is there even a way to save each other?
Or will humans fall?
Will Earth be lost to them forever?

My Review

Well written installment of The Invasion Trilogy. Written again from both Marduke and Matties point of view.

Roth takes place right were Earth left off. Mattie is on Roth with Hank and other humans. They plan on taking back Earth from the aliens, which they assume is the robots because the don’t realize yet that the humans they have deemed brainwashed are actually the alien race that removed them from Earth. Mattie believes Marduke and Logan are dead but they are on Mardukes home planet Oden. Marduke is actually imprisoned there. Will they be able to save Earth and the humans? Will they reunite?

Mattie still going strong in this book. No matter the complications and the unexpected news she doesn’t falter. She fights her hardest for Earth, Marduke, her friends and family.

This book was full of non stop action. I enjoyed the detail that was put into this story it made everything easy to imagine, from the nasty aliens to the planets that they were on. With all the complications and ups and down Mattie and Mardukes relationship is going stronger than ever and its nice to see them fight and disagree but work things out.

I’m excited to find out what happens next. With the new twists thrown in how are they going to handle everything. Will they save Earth? Will they survive.

Excellent book! Lots of page turning action, romance, heartbreak,drama, some humor , human like aliens and nightmare type aliens. With everything flowing and all the action it was hard to put it down!

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