Thursday, January 29, 2015

How To Kill Yourself in a Small Town The Redneck Apocalypse Series By eden Hudson

How To Kill Yourself in a Small Town
The Redneck Apocalypse Series
By eden Hudson

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The holy champion chosen to save the world is enslaved to a sadistic fallen angel and losing the battle for his sanity.
The guy chosen to save the holy champion is his binge-drinking redneck brother.
So, basically, the world is screwed.
Meet the Whitney boys:
Colt—a mentally unstable holy soldier with a rapidly deteriorating hold on reality. His last plan to rid the world of evil either failed horribly or went off without a hitch. With the constant torture and brainwashing, it's getting hard for him to remember.
Tough—a smart-mouthed honky tonk hero addicted to music, women, and good times. He hasn't spoken to Colt in five years—not since their disagreement over a nymphomaniac vampire turned into a drunken slugfest—but they're still brothers. Tough knows he can't leave Colt fighting for his life and his sanity alone. The question is whether Tough can fight off his personal demons long enough to save Colt from the literal ones

My Review
5/5 Stars

Wow.. this book was super hard to put down. I’m pretty sure my kids had to pry it from my hands in order for me to make dinner.
At first I was confused but intrigued so I pushed on and the whole wonderful dark story unfolds. Even though I say its dark and honestly gruesome at some points there was some great lighthearted funny parts that bring some light into the serious stuff.
It was told from many points of view but done so in a way that just seemed to make the story so much better. The characters were wonderfully flawed and you couldn’t help but like Tough. I couldn’t help liking Mikil for how horrible and twisted she is.
There so much into this crazy story and it all just comes together so wonderfully. Great twists and action. The setting seems like any small town except with paranormal and the paranormals don’t even stand out they’re just there ( not sure if that made sense but it does to me).
This is a book that has me kind of at a lost for words trying to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I just want to be like YES, you should read this crazy awesomeness and just read it because I found it amazing, but don’t read it if you’re looking for ‘drool worthy’ vampires or other ’swoon worthy’ paranormal characters. These vampires are cruel even when the don’t want to be,The holy warriors are damaged possibly beyond repair and the fallen angels are vile but they are just perfect for this story. This isn’t a story that leaves you with a ‘awww how sweet’ feeling at the end it left me with a “holy sh*t! what? Why did it end? I want more!”
Its a crazy page turning thrill ride. With the twists, action and characters you can’t help but keep reading and being excited for what might happen next.

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