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Damian’s Assassin ( War of Gods #2) by Lizzy Ford

Damian’s Assassin
( War of Gods #2)
by Lizzy Ford

Reviewed by Ash Rowe

3/5 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

With the White God in Europe, Dustin is left alone in Miami to protect the Grey God, a man-god struggling with his identity, and the White God’s mate. One of the Black God’s vamps in Miami suddenly goes rogue and starts killing humans by the dozen. Dustin initially doesn’t think much of the ruthless, human-hating thug, Talon, until it becomes clear that the vamp is receiving help from otherworldly beings whose intentions are nothing short of destroying humanity. To make matters even worse, Dustin’s begun to dream of his dead sister, who tells him he’ll be seeing her soon.

Dustin rescues Bianca and her troubled brother, a Natural whose mysterious talent makes him vital to Talon’s plans. Bianca, a woman as sunny and sweet as Dustin is hard and cold, has the rare Natural gift of healing. She can bring the recent dead back to life or turn a vamp back into a human. She can even reach Dustin’s heart, which he locked away long again after his sister’s death. Convinced he’ll be killed soon, Dustin won’t risk his heart or Bianca’s, despite their mutual attraction, and Bianca discovers even her incredible talent can’t save both the men she loves

My review

Book 2 in the War of Gods series we meet Damian’s long time assassin and adopted brother Dusty. Dusty is a control freak and a neat freak. While Damian the White God heads to Europe to tie things up Dusty is in Miami taking care of the newly acquired Grey God who is at the moment going through a teenage rebellion phase while trying to find himself. Dustin also has issues with a vampire leader Talon. Dusty ends up rescuing the sweet and loving Bianca and her brother. Bianca is the complete opposite of Dusty but she is possibly exactly what Dusty needs.

I liked Bianca I’m usually all about the heroic women who kick butt and might talk smack or at least have some sarcasm but Bianca is just plain sweet and I’m sure some would think that would make her a horrible character because she is kind of a push over and she is ever forgiving no matter what horrible things her brother does or what mean things Dusty might have said to her. She balanced the assassins coldness out nicely though and she was actually patient with him. Instead of running from how she felt she just seemed to wait till he felt the same. Like I said I think she made love interest for Dusty. Dusty however I at first didn’t like. He seriously seemed to have been written without a personality, but that was his personality he was a stone cold assassin and didn’t think he had long to live. He did what he had to do and what he was told to do.

I think though the Grey God stole the book for me. I was more interested in what he was going through and his friendship he built with Bianca and Sophi than I actually was in what was going on with Dusty and Bianca.

Since that is all said. The story was still really good. This book definitely kept things flowing nicely. We get more bad guys and more good guys and more in depth story. It might have its lull moments but they are not that bad. The action scenes were still good and it kept me moving on to the next book to find out what happens next.

If you like fun action filled paranormal/mythological romance this book is a great choice. Its a quick read and keeps you wanting to read the next book in the series.

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