Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Naked Parenting: 7 Keys to Raising Kids with Confidence by Leah DeCesare

Naked Parenting: 7 Keys to Raising Kids with Confidence
by Leah DeCesare
5/5 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Naked Parenting is a sensible, realistic and practical guide for parents with children of all ages from toddlers to teens. Fun, honest, and easy-to-read, it provides creative tips and ideas that any parent can start using today.

The principles of Naked Parenting provide a framework to guide parenting decisions and actions within one’s own style of parenting. Simply explained, with straightforward strategies that parents can apply to issues of all kinds.

My Review:

I’ll be honest my immaturity kicked in when I saw the title and was like: Hehehe parenting naked and picturing this would be a book about nudist parents. Which is all good but still I’m rather immature at times and naked people make me giggle.

As for this book she doesn’t shun what type of parenting style you do. She pretty much gives you strategies and ideas on how to be maybe a more effective parent. Let’s be honest we all have those times where we are at a lost on what to do when it comes to our kids and we have run out of ideas. Leah gives helpful suggestions and how we can help our kids become confident well rounded adults.

I for one, found some ideas I plan on implementing in my own home. I also like how she describes how to get control back from the kids instead of letting them run the home. Also the extras at the end are helpful.

I would never tell someone how to raise their kids. I believe that it takes many types of parenting techniques to make the many different people we have in the world and as long as you’re not abusing your kids I don’t care how you raise them. This book really does have some useful techniques that I believe could be implemented in any parenting raising style.

A short helpful read with wonderful parenting suggestions.


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