Saturday, December 13, 2014

First Blog on a this site.

I've been trying to find the right site to write my book reviews. I might not be the most excellent of book reviewers but I do read a lot and I try to read a variety of books. I'm going to post my past reviews that I have posted on booklikes and I hope this will be a site in which I can start opening up more to the blogging community and help share books that some amazing authors put out.

So lets do a quick introduction: I'm married to a Marine and our family moves a lot. And when I say a lot I mean I think the longest we stayed in one house was just shy of 2 years.  I have two kids and the oldest is a book geek and does reviews for the books he reads hoping to help other kids find a book they will like.  I promised him I would let him guest post on here if this gets up and running.  The youngest is just picking up reading those my first reader books and level 1 books so I'm sure soon he will be asking to tell people what he thinks too.

I've always loved books and words. I'm a huge fan of alliterations. My prime reading time is 8pm-4am depending on if I'm playing a game ( which at the moment I am playing WoW) . I do not have a favorite genre. I'll read anything that seems slightly interesting. If you look at my reviews it looks like I read a lot of paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction, humor and adult romance.  I would have said romance was never a genre I liked but now there are so many wonderful authors out there who has made it palatable for me.  I enjoy graphic novels and lately Ms. Marvel is my favorite.

I can be found on goodreads under Ash Rowe. If you like books and want to add a friend look me up!

I can be found on twitter under the handle @ReadinChameleon

Anyway,  I hope this goes as well as I think it will.  Happy Reading!

At the moment I'm reading The God Organ by Anthony J Melchiorri and Earth (The Invasion Trilogy book 1)

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