Saturday, December 27, 2014

Soldier Mine ( Sons of War) by Lizzy Ford)

Reviewed by Ash Rowe
4/5 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A wounded war hero afraid to risk his heart...
A waitress with a troubled past. 

Petr’s life changed overnight when an ambush not only killed his twin, but left him wounded beyond repair as well. A year and a half later, he has built a new life but still struggles with the fear he didn’t deserve to be saved and purposely won’t risk having his heart broken again. 

Until he meets Claudia, the sister of a troubled boy Petr meets during a recruitment trip to a local school. Claudia has her own demon in the form of an abusive ex-boyfriend who won’t stop stalking her. She’s weary of starting over in a new place every other month and working to make ends meet to support her younger brother, who she fears is going to take matters into his own hands soon by confronting the man chasing them. 

Can a man who views himself as broken, and a woman unable to trust, help each other heal? 

Standalone novel in the Sons of War military romance series

My Review:

  Petr was a recruiter who got wounded in a war and also lost his twin brother. He comes back and does a lot of volunteer work and helps out his hometown community. Him being rich hasn’t stopped him from being a great hardworking, down to earth person.  He meets Todd doing a high school visit. Todd seems troubled and he tries to help him out. We meet Todds sister Claudia she’s untrusting and running from a dark past while trying to protect Todd and give him some kind of decent life.   Petr is extremely persistent and patient which in the end proves that not all nice guys finish last. 

Claudia is an older sister who works hard to keep her and her younger brother alive and away from “the monster” that is following them.  She meets Petr who is also trying to help out Todd who just wants to learn how to protect himself and Claudia. Petr is persistent and  patient with Claudia when it comes to her indecisions. Its a romantic story so you know love blooms.

I adored the characters and Claudia and Petr’s interactions. They were funny and it was sweet to watch them slowly trust each other.  I enjoyed reading about how these two got over their individual obstacles ( Claudia with her trust issues and Petr with his ego blown from how his ex reacted to his wound thinking no one would love him) Petr’s father was hilarious and kind hearted even his character was fun to read just to find out what he said or did next.  

Definitely a wonderful book about learning to trust and love and seeing people for what they are on the inside not the outside. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes a great romantic book. Its a quick, sweet, entertaining read

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